Ovient Customer Snapshot:

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More than 100 companies
We have trained thousands of professionals from 100+ client companies in industries including technology (software, hardware, social media, ecommerce, IoT, you name it), legal and financial services, automotive and automotive technology, and healthcare.
Ovient customers
Our clients have included CEOs, CFOs, Senior Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Engineers, Startup Founders, Investors, and thousands of other professionals and teams.
Ovient client languages
We have worked with clients from more than 30 different language backgrounds.

Recent Projects:

Here are a just a few of Ovient’s recent projects.

Long-Term Projects at Large Silicon Valley Firms

  • Completed a long-term, multi-year project including 200 executive coaching hours, 200+ training hours for regular employees, and multiple seminars on presentations, public speaking, grammar, and writing for a major Silicon Valley tech company.
  • Completed a long-term, multi-year project including executive coaching, English communication training, consulting services, and presentation/public speaking training for a major Silicon Valley imaging tech company.
  • Completed a 6-month, 4-course communication skills training program for a major Silicon Valley tech company.
  • Completed 5 sessions of Build and Deliver Effective Presentations for major Silicon Valley tech company.
  • Delivered multiple sessions of the Writing Effective Executive Summaries workshop to a major tech firm in the automotive industry.
  • Completed 3 courses in professional English communication for a major legal services firm.

Projects for Silicon Valley Startups

  • Provided executive coaching services, marketing communications support, and pitch coaching for a funded Silicon Valley startup.
  • Delivered a workshop on essential Silicon Valley communication skills to two groups of international entrepreneurs at the Plug and Play Tech Center.
  • Delivered a 6-week Silicon Valley Communication Skills Bootcamp at the Plug and Play Tech Center for Silicon Valley startup entrepreneurs and tech professionals.

Accent and Pronunciation Improvement

  • Completed 8 intensive accent reduction seminars and workshops for companies in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.
  • Developed and delivered an innovative pronunciation/accent training program for a major healthcare firm.
  • Provided a public Intensive Accent Reduction workshop at Infinera’s corporate headquarters for Infinera employees and for other Silicon Valley professionals.

Presentation and Public Speaking Improvement

  • Provided multiple sections of the Build and Deliver Effective Presentations workshop to client companies in Manhattan and New Jersey.
  • Delivered multiple sessions of Build and Deliver Effective Presentations to clients in Northern California and Los Angeles.

Speaking Engagements

  • Provided keynote address for the Ball State University MBA program 2015 Fall Kickoff event in Indianapolis.
  • Presented “5 Key Communication Tips for International Professionals” to startups at Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley.
  • Delivered a workshop on Silicon Valley communication skills to a group of visiting tech professionals from Tecnologico de Monterrey.

Other Training and Consulting

  • Delivered weekly CommunicationSnacks® training emails to hundreds of professionals in the US and abroad.
  • Coached a serial entrepreneur and angel investor for a panel discussion on “Startup Success Secrets – A Female Perspective” at a Bay Area technology conference.
  • Recorded voiceovers for various Silicon Valley startups.

Customer Testimonials:

Here is what our customers are saying about us.

“We are constantly astounded by the positive impact your sessions are having on our employees.” (Training Manager)

“I would like to make this mandatory for every Manager/Lead.” (Manager / Build and Deliver Effective Presentations Seminar)

“This class would definitely help improve our employees’ communication skills, regardless of whether or not their role requires presenting. I know that a lot of people at this company could use this class.” (Engineer / Build and Deliver Effective Presentations Seminar)

It was a very interactive and informative seminar. Ovient definitely knows what they are doing. I’d recommend this seminar to anyone I know in a heartbeat! (Project Coordinator / Networking Seminar)

“The organizational methods for impromptu and unplanned speeches is very helpful in my day-to-day speaking tasks.” (Engineer / Speak with Confidence and Power Course)

“My spoken interactions with co-workers have absolutely improved. My phone conversations have gotten much better.” (Sales Professional / Accent and Pronunciation Course)

“These sessions really opened my eyes. I never realized how much I could learn from an email writing class. My confidence level increased significantly. I highly recommend this course for anyone who writes a lot of business emails.” (Product Manager / Effective Emailing Course)

“Ovient made my english improve even faster than I thought it was possible. The best of it was that I had a lot of fun in the process.” (Account Manager / Individual Coaching Program)

“The textbook that Ovient created was very helpful. It is difficult to study such specific English skills from textbooks on the market.” (Venture Capitalist / Business English Fundamentals Course)

“My project manager can hear me more clearly.” (Engineer / Accent and Pronunciation Course)

“Thank you very much for teaching not only English but also American culture. This information is very useful and helpful for my American life and company work.” (Business Professional / Business English Fundamentals Course)

“I’ve learned more in the last three months in my Ovient lessons than I have in the last 12 years of living in the U.S.” (Executive / Executive Coaching Program)

“This is one of the most useful classes I’ve ever taken. We should introduce more classes like this that are very practical and applicable to everyday work.” (Engineer / Accent and Pronunciation Course)

“I enjoyed the class very much. Fun & informative! Great job!” (Engineer / Accent and Pronunciation Seminar)

“I can’t believe I was in training all day. It flew by!” (Product Manager / Accent and Pronunciation Seminar)

“I recommend Ovient because they offer to-the-point lessons. In my case, they improved my professional English skills such as presentations, cold calling, networking, and so on.” (Business Development Professional / Executive Coaching Program)

“When I talk to patients, I use more pausing and stretching so patients can understand me easily and quickly. I don’t have to repeat and can have good conversations. Also, when I call MDs, they can catch my meaning.” (Healthcare Worker / Accent and Pronunciation Course)

“It was a really good class. I have been in the U.S. for 12 years now. I learned so many great things that I did not know about and I wish I knew earlier. It has definitely made me more confident when I interact with people.” (Engineer / Accent and Pronunciation Seminar)

“My boss indicated to me that the way I deliver my speeches has improved significantly.” (Director / Executive Coaching Program)

“Excellent class and great teaching methods. I learned pronunciation fundamentals, which were very revealing for me. Lots of time to practice!” (Engineer / Accent and Pronunciation Seminar)

“The Ovient English Online Program is a great learning opportunity for even the busiest people. Wherever I’m traveling, whenever I have a little spare time, I can be connected to the program. I saw improvement and more confidence in using English after just a few weeks.” (General Manager / Accent and Pronunciation Course)

“The class really helped me identify my pronunciation problems and was very instructive. I feel it helped me improve a lot.” (Business Professional / Accent and Pronunciation Seminar)

“The instructor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about pronunciation. The Web learning tool was impressive. I strongly recommend this class.”(Engineer / Accent and Pronunciation Course)

“You diagnosed my problems and gave me valuable tools and tips to work on my weaknesses. Thank you for all of your help.” (Financial Services / Executive Coaching)

“I was able to improve my pronunciation in a very short time because of this class.” (Project Manager / Accent and Pronunciation Seminar)