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Below is a one-page overview of everything Ovient can offer your team.

Workshops, Courses, and Seminars

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We have developed more than 20 courses, workshops, and seminars to address each of the communication challenges above. Our training falls into five main categories:

Presentations and Public Speaking
Designed to help professionals handle communication pressure through effective presentation development and delivery and confident communication.

Professional Grammar and Writing
Designed to give professionals control over their written communication and reduce communication friction by improving the structure, content, and tone of their writing.

Cross-Cultural and Interpersonal Communication
Designed to help teams reduce communication pressure and communicate more effectively across cultures and communication styles.

Pronunciation and Accent Reduction
Designed to help professionals who speak English as a second language communicate more clearly by modifying the rhythm and component sounds of their speech.

Business English
Designed to guide professionals who speak English as a second language toward more effective, more accurate, and more sophisticated business communication in English.

Books and Products

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Sometimes in-person training is not an option. Ovient offers other ways for professionals to improve their communication skills.

Our CommunicationSnacks® service provides a year’s worth of communication training content to your entire workforce for the price of a seminar.

Our MyOvient learning platform offers video lessons, quizzes, and hundreds of articles to help professionals improve their business English, pronunciation, presentations, and other language skills.

The Accent Diet
The Accent Diet is a three-month American English accent and pronunciation textbook and study guide designed to help busy professionals improve the clarity of their speech.

Consulting Engagements and Custom Training

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Ovient has been supporting large enterprises and new startups with their communication needs for nearly ten years. The majority of our work has been focused on training, but over the years we have supported our customers in a variety of other ways as well. Here are a few examples of recent projects.

Cross-Functional Forums
Ovient plans and moderates monthly web conferences between teams and across geographies to encourage cross-functional communication at a major international enterprise.

Executive Coaching
Ovient regularly provides coaching to C-level executives throughout Silicon Valley, specializing in coaching for foreign-born executives. Our clients have included CEOs, CFOs, and other executives leading organizations with thousands of employees as well as startup founders with small, agile teams.

Voiceover Recordings for Websites and Training Videos
Because of our expertise in voice and language, Ovient is often asked to write and record voiceover scripts for tech products and training videos.

Technology Newsletters and Trend Reports
Ovient provides curated monthly trend reports and article summaries to select clients on a subscription basis. The newsletters cover technologies ranging from IoT to cloud-based services.

Marketing Communications Support
Ovient is frequently asked to create and revise marketing content for presentations, marketing collateral, and websites.