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How to Choose a Communication Role Model

In a previous post, we talked about why you need a communication role model. In this post, we will discuss how to choose and effectively learn from one. The best way to find a role model is to create a list of people who have the communication characteristics you want to have. Look at famous […]

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Why You Need a Communication Role Model

If you know you need to improve a few communication habits, such as speaking more intentionally or using fewer “ums” in your speech, one of the best things you can do (aside from hiring a personal coach) is to learn from a few role models. Role models can help you achieve your personal communication development […]

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Where to Sit in a Meeting

Where does the customer sit? We get this question from our Japanese clients a lot. In Japan, where you sit in a meeting or negotiation matters. The customer sits in the place of respect: the seat furthest from the door. In the US this matters less…or does it? We have found that where you sit […]

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I'm nervous. I'm nervous. I'm excited.

Make Your Nerves Work for You

You stand up in front of a group of people to speak and your voice trembles, your mouth becomes unbelievably dry, your armpits seem to have more sweat than you ever imagined possible, and your hand, which you entrusted with your notes, begins to shake uncontrollably. Congratulations, you are human! These physical reactions to your […]

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Your Value?

How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview

We recently discussed the importance of trust to effective sales. If you are looking for a job, this applies to you as well. Getting a Job = Selling Yourself! When you interview for a job, you are essentially asking for money. If you can show that the value you bring to the position is greater […]

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Don't fail at sales

A Key Concept for Communicating in Sales

Selling fundamentally involves convincing someone you do not know to trust you enough to give you money. It is easy to understand the difficulty of this on a personal level. Think of the people you would be willing to give $100. I imagine the list is pretty short: perhaps a few close friends and family […]

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Speak Less, Listen More

Are You Talking Too Much in Your Interview?

Here’s a piece of interview advice that you’ve never heard: speak less, listen more. I have interviewed many people in my career, and I would like to share something with you. Your interviewer is not only looking at how you answer questions but is also looking at how well you listen. I once interviewed someone […]

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Audience thinks I'm awesome

Why You Should Stop Listening to Audience Feedback

At the start of every presentation seminar, I ask these two questions: How many of you have been told following a presentation that you did a good job? (Almost everyone.) How many of you have been told following a presentation that you did a horrible job? (Almost no one.) Most of us have an inflated […]

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Everyone notices bad emails

Email Common Sense

Most of this is common sense, but we could all use a reminder now and again: 1. Don’t send emails when you are angry. Or drunk. Or drunk and angry. 2. Don’t draft an email with a recipient’s email address in the “To” field. You risk accidentally sending an incomplete–and possibly embarrassing–email. 3. Always proofread. […]

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