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Blythe J. MustericBlythe J. Musteric
Co-Founder, CEO, and Executive Coach

Blythe has dedicated the last 15 years to perfecting the art of professional communication. She has logged over 10,000 hours coaching individuals and leading workshops and seminars on professional communication at some of Silicon Valley’s most famous companies. Her clients have included executives and senior leaders at established tech companies, startup founders, angel investors, attorneys, and healthcare professionals. Blythe has developed more than 20 courses in the areas of confident professional communication, presentations and public speaking, interpersonal communication, grammar, and writing. She has a passion for working with professionals who speak English as a second language and has worked extensively with expat managers and executives. Blythe is the co-author of the book, The Accent Diet: A Daily Program for Improving Your American English Pronunciation, designed for engineers and business professionals living in Silicon Valley. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and has encouraged others working in the education and training fields to start their own businesses. She is a regular speaker at capstone classes in the TESOL department at San Francisco State University and her workshop titled The Entrepreneurial Self-Employed Teacher has attracted large crowds at teachers’ conferences in Seattle, Dallas, and San Diego. Blythe also has a passion for supporting women in technology and leadership.

Marc MustericMarc J. Musteric
Co-Founder, COO, and Executive Coach

Marc has coached CEOs, CFOs, Senior VPs, and other senior managers at major technology firms throughout Silicon Valley, including Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies. He developed Ovient’s 5-step presentation development framework, co-authored The Accent Diet: A Daily Program for Improving Your American English Pronunciation, and wrote or co-wrote numerous Ovient courses on professional communication. Marc regularly coaches startup founders and technology professionals on presentation skills and executive presence. He is a regular lecturer for Plug and Play Tech Center’s Plug and Play University program for international entrepreneurs and has given workshops on professional communication and effective presentations at major universities including Ball State University in Indiana and Stanford University. Marc has a strong interest in technology and has supported companies and professionals at nearly every corner of the Silicon Valley ecosystem, including software, consumer Internet, IoT, fintech, big data, and hardware. He speaks Japanese and has advised Japanese local government on their Silicon Valley business relationships for more than 10 years. Before co-founding Ovient, Marc worked in consulting and international relations, supporting international companies seeking to build a market presence in the U.S. Marc also advises a handful of growing technology startups.

Rachel Lancaster
Director of Special Programming and Executive Language Coach

Rachel has built a reputation as a talented coach and instructor over her 10+ years of experience. Since earning her M.A. in TESOL in 2009, Rachel has taught at colleges and universities in the Midwest, Seattle, and the Bay Area, and has coached business and tech professionals in presentation, communication, editing, and language skills. Rachel is passionate about helping her clients express themselves clearly, concisely, and confidently. She has worked with a range of clients that spans C-suite tech execs to science fiction writers, psychologists to aerospace engineers. She attributes her successful outcomes to the authentic relationships she builds with her clients so they can be coached out of their comfort zones, leading to an improvement in their skill and confidence levels in order to achieve their future business goals. Rachel has lived in Mexico, the UK, and Germany, and enjoys traveling internationally whenever she can. She spends her spare time improving her Spanish language skills, visiting the Monterey Peninsula, and practicing photography.

Brandon LambertBrandon Lambert
Language Coach and Training Facilitator

Brandon trains professionals from around the world, transforming their notions of what is possible with clear and effective communication. He has worked in universities and custom language programs in California and Georgia with diplomats, researchers, designers, and business professionals who speak English as a second language. With an interdisciplinary academic and professional background, Brandon brings a broad range of knowledge and disciplinary awareness to his work. He regularly conducts linguistic and educational research and has presented in the U.S., Serbia, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands. Brandon is a learner of Spanish and Korean and an advocate for data-driven approaches to language training.

Lisa CollatoLisa Collato
Language Coach and Training Facilitator

Lisa has spent the past eighteen years coaching a broad range of professionals, including corporate executives, entrepreneurs, architects, airline pilots, and medical doctors. She is committed to building successful working relationships with clients by being attuned to clients’ unique needs and goals and facilitating coaching sessions that are tailored to each individual. Lisa earned her M.A. in English with a concentration in TESOL and B.A. in Sociology from San Francisco State University. She has taught writing, reading, rhetoric, critical thinking, grammar and public speaking at several community colleges in the Bay Area. She is passionate about facilitating engaging, meaningful, outcome-oriented coaching sessions.

Ovient Snapshot:

More than 100 companies
We have trained thousands of professionals from 100+ client companies.
We have delivered more than 17,000 training hours.
Ovient has delivered training from San Francisco to New York City.
We have delivered training in major cities across the US, including Silicon Valley (Cupertino, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Redwood City, and just about everywhere else), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, New Jersey, and New York City.
Ovient customers
Our clients have included CEOs, CFOs, Senior Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Engineers, Startup Founders, and thousands of other professionals from Silicon Valley technology giants, leading legal and financial services providers, automotive industry leaders, and major healthcare corporations.
Ovient client languages
We have worked with clients from more than 30 different language backgrounds.
Ovient training for startup entrepreneurs
We are a Plug and Play Tech Center Service Partner. We have supported 100s of startup entrepreneurs. We understand what IoT means, what a QE does, what fabless means, why agile matters, and what should go into a startup investment pitch.
More than 70 articles.
We have written more than 70 articles on professional communication for our CommunicationSnacks® service, developed more than 21 unique courses, cultivated a Meetup following of over 1000 participants, and created thousands of pages of unique content related to communication skills and training.
Ovient was founded in 2006.
We are 100% self-funded and have been profitable since our founding in 2006.

About Ovient, Inc.

Ovient helps professionals communicate effectively. Our services include training programs in presentations, public speaking, professional spoken and written communication, interpersonal communication, cross-cultural communication, accent reduction, and English language development.

Ovient has trained executives, senior managers, engineers, and sales and support staff from more than 100 companies in Silicon Valley, including individuals and teams from more than 30 different countries. We regularly provide training and consulting services to Fortune 500 and Global 500 companies, including major companies in the IT, professional services, and healthcare industries. Ovient is a Plug and Play Tech Center Service Partner.

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