Fluent Communication

The Fluent Communication course focuses on helping participants build strategies for more quickly and smoothly communicating in English.

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Fluent speech requires a willingness to make mistakes, knowledge of strategies for covering vocabulary gaps, and practice developing the patterns and rhythms that make speaking easy. For many English language learners who learned English using the translation method (still common in Asia), fluent speech can be a challenge. This is compounded in the workplace where performance pressures, organizational culture, and a fear of failure can cause employees to fear speaking up or result in speech that is slow or difficult to follow. This course is designed to help these employees increase the fluency and speed of their speech and build confidence in their English language ability. The course focuses on helping participants:

  • Increase the speed of English communication
  • Decrease the amount of time spent translating thoughts from their first language into English
  • Learn to explain thoughts and ideas in a way that is easy for listeners to understand
  • Learn to trust their own English skills
  • Overcome their fear of speaking in English

Participants: Up to 10 people
Length: 12 hours
Cost: Contact us for pricing or call 408-524-1649

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