Communication Snacks Book Signing

We have had a very exciting few months. Following the release of our most recent book, Communication Snacks: 52 Bite-Sized Communication Tips for the Busy Professional, we have seen a surge of interest in the book. The pics below are from recent book signings and events at major client companis in Silicon Valley.

We were also very excited to see the book reviewed in the Denver Docket! We have provided training at a number of law firms over the years and have worked with numerous attorneys, so it is exciting for us to see this review.

Also, Leigh’s Favorite Books in Sunnyvale is carrying the book as is Books, Inc. in Mountain View! Find us in the New and Noteworthy section.

Interested in arranging a book signing for your campus? Get in touch.

Communication Snacks Book Signing July 2017

Communication Snacks Book Event

Blythe signing books!

Communication Snacks Book Talk at Plug and Play

Signing books at another famous Silicon Valley company!

Communication Snacks is in the New & Noteworthy section at Books, Inc. in Mountain View!