What is the difference between presentation and public speaking training?

Presentation training vs. public speaking training

Did you hire a presentation trainer or a speech coach?

There is presentation training and then there is public speaking training. These are not the same thing. Before you hire a presentation trainer, make sure you know what you are getting.

Presenting involves speaking to a specific objective, coordinating that speech with a series of images or slides that are designed to reinforce that objective, and measuring the outcome.

Public speaking is a more generalized set of spoken communication skills.

Both public speaking training and presentation training are critical skills for professionals to master. Just make sure that when you hire a trainer you know which you are getting.

Presentation training should:

1. Explain content development and content curation,
2. Discuss slide design and design principles,
3. Train participants to coordinate the spoken and visual elements of the presentation,
4. Provide a mechanism for cataloging and measuring improvement,
5. Focus on measurable outcomes.

You presentation trainer should include these elements in addition to training in these traditional public speaking skills: eye contact, gestures and body language, pace, voice projection, and responding to audience questions.

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  1. Cathy Grambow

    I find this list of “presentation training” tips helpful as I have three coming up; continual improvement is my objective. Thank you for reminding me of these five points.

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