Communicating Effectively with Your Multicultural Team

Communication Snacks Seminars

Improve team-level communication, elevate empathy, and build team cohesion. This seminar has four objectives:

  • To help participants understand that personal values and beliefs about communication are not universal,
  • To help participants understand and empathize with the diverse communication values and beliefs held by colleagues,
  • To help participants build communication skills and find common ground with colleagues,
  • To train participants in strategies for coping with differences and succeeding as a team.

The seminar is divided into three parts: “Getting to know yourself,” “Getting to know others,” and “Working together” and includes actionable strategies for applying seminar content to future team interactions. This is the perfect seminar for team building across cultures.

Audience: All employees
Class size: Up to 20 people
Length: 90 minutes
Cost: Contact us for pricing or call 408-524-1649
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