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Can Parents Still Teach Us to Communicate?

Although we hate to admit it when we are young, our parents have a great deal to teach us. I was thinking about my childhood recently and remembered that several of my father’s pet phrases are actually quite relevant to effective communication. Here are three that I remember quite clearly and what they taught me: […]

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agitated, anxious, scared, worried

How Impatient Coworkers Affect English As A Second Language (ESL) Employees

When employees are unwilling to be patient with coworkers who speak English as a second language, the result can be catastrophic for the second-language speaker’s language skills and confidence. Putting undue pressure on a second-language speaker hinders the learning process. Second language acquisition theory tells us that doubt and anxiety decrease a learner’s ability to […]

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Email problems

3 Reasons People are Not Responding to Your Emails

We’ve spent hundreds of hours working with clients to answer one simple question: Why didn’t I get a response to my email? Generally, one of these three mistakes is the cause. Don’t make these mistakes with your email. Mistake 1: The purpose of the email is unclear. Don’t make your reader dig for the purpose […]

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Starting Conversations at Networking Events

When you attend a lecture, conference, or trade show, do you feel comfortable starting conversations with the strangers around you? It’s not an easy thing to do, even for native speakers. Talking to people is an important business skill because meeting new people and making connections helps grow your personal network, which eventually gives you […]

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Redefining Business Networking in the Connected Age

Does the idea of networking scare you? Does it bring to mind images of parties and events in which you stand around and talk to strangers while you nervously hold a drink in your hand, secretly looking for the clock to see if it’s time to leave? These kinds of parties are not only nerve-racking, […]

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How to Have a Great Job Interview

Be the SOLUTION not the PROBLEM! When you go into an interview, show the employers that you will help them solve their problems, not be a problem yourself. Prepare Answers to Common Questions Think about the questions most interviewers ask and come up with succinct, relevant answers that illustrate your experience and how you can […]

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Managing Nonnative Speakers of English in the Workplace

A successful global business requires a global workplace—one where cultures mix and multiple languages are spoken. This is an exciting time to be in business, but it can have its challenges, especially for managers, who have to know how to lead a diverse group of employees. Employees who speak English as a second language bring […]

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How to Improve your English on Your Own

1. Find out what kind of learner you are. Answer these questions to get an idea of how you learn best. • Do you need to “see” it on paper to understand? (Make sure to use videos or pictures to help you learn.) • Do you need to “hear” it to understand? (Study with podcasts […]

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Impact of negative comments on nonnative speakers in the workplace

Fear and anxiety freeze our ability to speak in a foreign language, and there are many stressors in the workplace that can heighten that fear. Impatient coworkers are one such stressor. When coworkers refuse to have patience for someone who doesn’t speak “perfect” English, the result can actually negatively affect the speaker’s ability to communicate. […]

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