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Everyone notices bad emails

Email Common Sense

Most of this is common sense, but we could all use a reminder now and again: 1. Don’t send emails when you are angry. Or drunk. Or drunk and angry. 2. Don’t draft an email with a recipient’s email address in the “To” field. You risk accidentally sending an incomplete–and possibly embarrassing–email. 3. Always proofread. […]

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Say it!

The Best Way to Practice for an Interview

The single most important thing you can do to sound intelligent and well-prepared for an interview is practice. You’ve heard this before, but what does “practice” actually mean? Preparing for questions is an obvious tip, but most people make the mistake of preparing their answers only on paper or in their head. Many people do […]

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Gesturing With Your Face

We all use hand gestures to help us convey our thoughts without words: We can show that we’re doing fine with a thumbs-up. We can tell someone to speed up or slow down by waving our hands. We can demonstrate growth or decline by sliding our hands in an upward or downward direction. We can […]

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A half-full glass of water

Are You a Half-full or Half-empty Communicator?

I once had a manager who gave me some amazing communication advice. I was working a summer job at a retail shop. A customer had been rude to me, and I couldn’t understand why. When the customer left the store, I consulted my manager: “What did I do wrong?” “It is not your fault,” she […]

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Drop the ball, In over our heads, Bite the bullet

3 Tips for Better Communication with ESL Speakers

You’ve probably witnessed the embarrassing scene where a native English speaker speaks too loudly, too slowly, and a bit too ungrammatically to a speaker of English as a second language. In fact, you may have unknowingly done it yourself. Do you know the correct (and most helpful) way to improve your communication with someone who […]

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The Art of the Focused Presentation

There are four attributes shared by all effective presentations. The first is focus. A presentation should have one clear objective. Think about the last presentation or speech you heard. How much of the content do you remember? If the presentation was any good at all, you may remember a theme or two plus a few […]

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Drawing of a baseball glove catching a ball

Do You Need a “Got it. Thanks!” Email Policy?

One of the more frustrating parts of email communication is the silent response. You send an email that you feel is important only to be met with, well, nothing. What are you to think? Was my email received? Did my email get caught in a spam filter? Was my email read? Did I say something […]

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Are you in the cloud?

Are You in the Room or in the Cloud?

Why do we prioritize our text messages, emails, and apps over our conversations with people in the room with us? Are we losing our basic ability to differentiate between what is valuable and what is not? When we interrupt our conversations, meetings, and lunches to check our phones, we are sacrificing something real and valuable […]

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To, CC, BCC, Subject

Why “Efficient” Email is Hurting Your Business

Can email be nice? Why is it that when we send an email, we forget that we are writing to fellow human beings? Would you start a phone conversation without saying hello? Would you hang up without saying goodbye? Would you send a letter without signing your name? If you fail to add a greeting, […]

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Stay Connected

Build Better Connections through Better Networking

Does the idea of networking scare you? Does it bring to mind images of awkward conversations with strangers or memories of nervously sipping a drink while you seek out the clock to see if it’s time to leave? Next time you head to a networking party, try these tips for a better–and more fruitful–experience: Prepare […]

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