Communication Snacks Seminars

Communication Snacks Seminars

Changing how your company communicates does not have to be difficult. We have packaged the essential skills into focused, 90-minute Communication Snacks® Seminars. For new client companies, your first 90-minute communication snacks seminar is free. Choose from any of these seminars and get in touch:

The courses in this list are offered on site at your location. Click here to view our upcoming public seminars.

Communicating Effectively with Your Multicultural Team

Improve team-level communication, elevate empathy, and build team cohesion.

Hack Your Confidence

Unlock your confidence, speak up, be heard.

Speak on the Spot

Take control of your nerves and your message. Speak well under pressure.

Hack Your Listening Skills: Clarify, Confirm, and Communicate

Develop more focused listening skills and build better connections.

Hack Your Presentation Delivery

Learn no-fail strategies for overcoming nerves and connecting with your audience.

Hack Your Presentation Slides

Learn S.M.A.R.T. design practices for slides that deliver.

The 5-Step Presentation™

Streamline your presentation development process.

Hack Your Grammar

Learn what you have forgotten about grammar and punctuation.

Facilitate Productive Discussions

Discover your default discussion style. Compare it to your team’s style. Grow.

Connect in Conversation

Leverage small talk strategies for better team communication.

Write Effective Performance Reviews

Express performance feedback effectively.